Monday, May 4, 2009

An award!

Anna, over at sugarbootandweasel, has kindly bestowed this lovely award upon our humble efforts here at Out of Clutter. And here's me being so lax in my posting these days....

Many, many thanks to Anna - her blog is quintessential unschool cool, btw -for thinking of us and now for the pass-ons....

I'm meant to pass the award on to blogs I've newly discovered but, truthfully, the only one I'm passing on to is Rose, not new, but the most important. She has two blogs -if you're afraid of witches and pagans (what are you doing here?)- then go look at her creative one, it's brilliant too .

Of course, there are many lovely and *new* blogs out there that I very much enjoy and are so very worthy of accolades but I'm just not into the whole award thing......and Rose is probably the only person who understands why....;)

Anyone catching the surrealness (is that a word?) of bestowing of awards on unschoolers?


  1. Aw! Thank you Honey! *hug* Can I give it back to you as well? *grin*

  2. It is weird to bestow awards on unschoolers, but I think we all like reassurance that we're awesome! If I had a job, I might get some a' that, but alas, my work is unpaid and constant and mostly encounters criticism out in the real world. It's also nice to know that anyone reads what we write, yes???

  3. Anna - you are SO right....*sigh* I evidently have issues with accepting compliments...could be because SCHOOL taught me that being 'smart' wasn't cool....*grin*


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