Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ostara/Easter preparations...

Having been tipped off by Anna to actually boil the eggs in the dye rather than just dip, for bolder colours, Savannah and I embarked upon our egg-dyeing mission. We used beets in one pot and a combination onion skin/turmeric in the other. While the water turned delightful shades, I hadn't factored our farm-fresh BROWN eggs into the equation and our eggs really didn't turn any sort of colour at all.

Note to prospective egg-dyers: Use the pasty-white anemic eggs for your projects.

No worries...Savannah ate hers and I saved mine to paint later.

And not wanting to waste our lovely dye...we decided to dye some paper upon which we would write our wishes for Ostara to bless.Then it was seed-planting time! I had bought some herb seeds earlier in the year and was waiting for some semblance of spring to try and germinate them. All things converged and the looming Spring festivities made it feel like a good time to get them started. I worked on mine....
...Savannah worked on hers. She plucked another sunflower seed from our birdseed as well as what looked like an oat. Can't wait to see what grows....

Then we changed things up on our family shrine to honour Ostara and celebrate Easter - being a multi-faith family, we're incredibly all-encompassing. Not quite coincidentally, I'm sure, Ostara is represented by many of the same things as are associated with Easter...eggs, bunnies, etc. - representations of new life and fertility. So, in our tray you will painted eggs, a bunny figurine, a feather (essence of Air), a seed pod containing bird-seed, our bundled wishes (thanks to Snowbell for offering a whisker, which I tucked under the string), citrine (for Ostara), rose quartz (Motherhood) and amethyst (my own stone), and a healing stone(the one with the painted turtle design). Also there are our 'regulars' - rocks and stones from around our home, an acorn, shells and coral from Tinian, some fossils, some bones from the beach and a piece of a wasps nest.

Whatever you are celebrating....have a happy one! May Ostara bless your fields and the Easter bunny fill your basket with yummy chocolatey goodness!

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