Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Valentine craft...

On our adventure to the library last Friday I was evidently possessed by some other, more generous soul who actually likes Valentine's day. I am SO not a fan but for whatever reason, drew Savannah's attention to a Valentine craft book. Naturally, she wanted to borrow it. I had managed, until now, to avoid it but in a flurry of creativity this morning, she dug it out of the library box and wondered couldn't we do a Valentine craft since we were already crafting? No legitimate way out of that one. So she chose to do the Valentine Heart Puppet. Hmph.

Check the directions...fairly simple (Mommy is pleased - nothing worse than an anxious perfectionist creator and a tricky not-kid-tested-craft)

My task was to cut out two 'perfect' hearts...Savannah hid under the craft table, not able to bear it if I got it 'wrong'. Phew...seems I passed muster. You will notice, however, an imperfect heart amongst the four for the hands and feet.....I was instructed to do another one.

Note to craft-guru-author: Elastic bands DO NOT glue well. We improvised and used tape. Crisis averted.

Additional note to craft-guru-author: Do not feel that you can rest on your puppet-engineering laurels when your design involves a small child repeatedly sticking their hand into something made of paper and bound only with glue. Improvisation #2..we used a popsicle stick for a handle.

Note to reader: I have used the term 'we' rather loosely in the description of this craft project. Savannah wandered off some time after taping on the elastic bands, leaving me to finish on my own....but not without a craft-tyrant parting shot of "I'll be back to see how you're doing in a minute."

Her Ladyship returned in time to give her puppet a face....and to deem me worthy of being her crafting partner. Who couldn't love this stuff?

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