Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The halls of learning....

A snippet of our busy afternoon....

Savannah wrote out a list of party guests who will be attending the Welcome Home tea-party for her Build-A-Bear friend (scheduled to be assembled Mar.6). Among the invitees..Teddy, Princess, Slobbers (the guest of honour) and Puppy- there are probably more but she'd already filled up her sheet of paper by then and had moved on to other party preparations. I was working on my notes from the conference while calling out the required letters and offering my opinion on colour schemes for invitations.
Just out of the view...Sebastian finished a word-building game on Nick Jr.

Oh...and one never knows who one will find in a camera bag.....evidently a refugee from Savannah's earlier re-make of Madagascar 2.

An attempt to capture the early evening shadows on Savannah's wall...it's nice to still have daylight at 6pm...waning though it is. I understand now why photographers like these 'threshold' times because the light creates such interesting colours and shapes....

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