Friday, January 2, 2009

Junior herbalist...

Savannah takes over the job of 'shaking' the herbs of the tinctures-in-progress...

. ..she has a great arm and will undoubtedly impart her Shine to the medicine.

Portrait of herbs: L to R...Echinacea in apple cider vinegar (for the kids), St.John's Wort oil (for everyone's ouchies) and a sleepytime blend of Valerian-Scullcap-Hops in vodka for my insomniac mom!


  1. Nice! Did you collect the herbs yourself or buy dried?

    One thing I remember doing as a kid was making butter by shaking the cream from the top of full milk in a jam jar. Happy Days!

  2. Unfortunately they're all bought as dried. Our shady garden doesn't support much variety although I did manage to coax along some rosemary, sage and basil last summer and wildcrafting is not something I'm entirely comfortable with...yet!


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