Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas!

Various snippets of Joy from Christmas morning....

Savannah tackles her stocking...Tyler standing by in case any of the items are edible...(this is a recurring theme in these photos, as you'll probably notice)

The beloved Fly-Boat...(not edible, Tyler)

Savannah and Daddy and the Lincoln Logs...a trip down memory lane for B who played with them as a kid.

Filled with Joy!! - Sebastian fairly quivers when he's excited...he just opened the K'Nex..

A K'Nex for Sebastian....Ernie to go with his Cookie Monster..or, 'Bernie' - if you're Sebastian!

One more I Spy book....that makes 5!

Tyler meets Biscuit...nope, not edible either...but that bone might be...
Biscuit was the one gift that Savannah has absolute faith that she'd receive...there was never any doubt in her mind...and so it came to's that for LoA in action? ;)


  1. Hi Mel. It is quite nice to find someone else out there at a similar stage to me. I to am nervous about most people I know being able to identify me in my blog. I find your decision to follow unschooling intriguing. I don't think school works well for the vast majority of children in it. I also don't think many of the things school puts so much pressure on children to learn are necessarily that important. Learning how to learn is so much more important and school quite often kills that ability.

  2. Hi Rose,

    Yes, It's lovely to 'meet' you! Funny how things work out, isn't it? We're (obviously) big fans of unschooling -- we're watching the living proof in the kids every day. Especially Savannah - seeing as how she did some 'time' in the school system. It's been wonderful watching her transform over the last year...regaining her confidence and rediscovering the joy of learning.


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