Monday, December 15, 2008

The Beach Box!!

In record time...our beach box arrived! All the way from Tinian (an island in the north Pacific) this fantabulous box of beachy wonders spread some welcome warmth and sunshine to our gloomy December day...

Hearing that we (Savannah, in particular) interest in shells and the beach ('can we go to a real beach?'), a dear friend assembled this box of treasures from the island paradise were she lives.
There was something for everyone -- maps, shells, beach glass, coral, a starfish (deceased and preserved), a flash drive of photos -- and genuine Tinian beach sand, of course! Every discovery produced exclamations and shrieks and laughter and (dare I say it?), learning!! Hard to describe the atmosphere in mere words, but it was truly wondrous.

We're still going through the box...sorting and wondering and soaking up the beauty of the island and the generosity of our friend who took the time to help us follow a shared passion....and for planting the seed of a journey to visit the island itself.
Thank you Jude!!!!


  1. I am so jealous at the amount of sea glass! I live by the sea and haven't seen any in quite a while. I also read in a National Geographic that it is a disappearing thing because of changes in what we do with glass. Treasure it!

  2. Thanks Rose! Yes, we surely are treasuring it. I've actually seen pictures from parts of the island of big piles of Coke bottles left by Japanese soldiers during I wonder how old some of this sea glass is..I'm sure Jude will comment as to that though!

  3. Mel - I'd no idea you'd posted this!
    Rose - still lots of beach glass here - remnants of WWII, so much of the white and aqua(ish) of coca cola bottles!
    grins from warm and sunny Tinian where two huge rays swam by me as I was beachcombing on this last morning of 2008! and alas camera was sitting home in charger!

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  5. ignore that that is date dec 30, we are hours and hours ahead of that. like about 14-15.

    BTW: how did that box fare with customs.

    and I only deleted the previous message because I couldn't figure out how to edit it. I've combined it here

    the age of the pottery dates mostly to the pre-WWII days when the island was occupied by Japan


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