Saturday, October 4, 2008

Savannah's Pretend-Birthday party...

Savannah decided that she'd like to have a pretend-birthday.

Because her birthday is in January, outside functions aren't really practical. And inside functions require more space than we have. So....we either rent a space (at extreme cost) or go on the small side...not entirely satisfying.

So, after some brainstorming, we looked at the calendar and deemed October 4th to be Savannah's official pretend-birthday. By way of celebration, we threw together a scavenger hunt at Lowville to be followed with cookies and juice, birthday cake and...(another drum roll, please)

...Uncle Simon up a tree to hang.....(still drum-rolling)

...our old friend Dora (recycled).
...who we whacked mercilessly with a great, big stick. ;}

All reports indicate that a good time was had by all....especially the 'Birthday' girl.

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