Friday, August 1, 2008

Movie time...

Savannah had chosen a movie gift card from her door prize at our community BBQ last week and felt a strong *need* to go and see a movie right away - she's never been to a movie theatre before - so we were limited as to the options for viewing. The only kids movie available was Wall E which I'd heard some interesting things about. So off we went. Unfortunately it wasn't to her taste so we left after about 40 minutes. Instead, she and Brandt headed off to Blockbuster to rent a couple of more interest. They came home with Snow Buddies and the Simpsons Movie. Savannah has taken to joining her dad in watching the Simpsons and has become quite a fan....and Brandt has been wanting to watch the movie for ages.
A bowl of SmartFood and a cup of berry juice and they were set....
Eventually Savannah lost interest in that one too and wandered down to join Sebastian and I in the playroom for the Lion King II and a game with the jungle animals leaving Brandt to guffaw on his own...;}

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